She Squats Bro

Since all of you know the importance of squatting, we thought we would let you in on a few assistance exercises to help you from plateauing. You already know the difference between the high bar and low bar back squat, you squat at least 2x/week and you know when to go heavy and when to back off. Try these exercise for working some of the forgotten muscles involved with the squat. These will also keep you balanced and hopefully injury free:

Pendlay Rows – Try 3×5 with the same weight weight on each set. Increase the weight by 5# each week. On week 4, switch to supinated grip ben over rows.

Glute-Ham Raises – Start with 3×12 and add weight after week one.

Weighted Pull-ups - Hard to mess this one up, just strap on some weight and find a way to progress week over week.

Back Extensions – No I didn’t say hip extensions. Grab a 25#, add a tempo and get to work. Sets of 10 and feel the pain.

Try to get each of these accessory exercises in at least once a week. Really nothing crazy here, just do them on a consistent basis, find a way to progress week over week and make sure you are not plateauing by modifying the exercises every 2-3 weeks. Here are a few way to modify the exercises:

  • Change grip – supinate, pronate, neutral, mixed
  • Change implement – barbell, kettlebell, sandbag, etc.
  • Tempo – Control movement for a set amount of time (ex. @2222 2 seconds down/2 seconds at the bottom/2 seconds coming up/ 2 seconds at the top)
  • Accommodating resistance – chains, bands


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